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Показаны сообщения с ярлыком blesseds writes. Показать все сообщения
Показаны сообщения с ярлыком blesseds writes. Показать все сообщения

8 ноября 2016 г.

Queen - My Fairy King (Official Lyric Video) [Queen On Air]

Finally the BBC Sessions are published in the latest collection Queen On Air!

I remember I hesitated for a few seconds before buying the Queen at the Beeb album, not being sure if it was a fake or what else... and, in fact, that was a bootleg (but I realized it a few years later... *-*)
Internet was not handy here in 1989 and the only way to get to know more about my favorite band was to browse any available musical revue or listen to any dedicated radio broadcast. With tons patience and researches, I discovered that the performances in there were taken from the BBC Sessions!
That was my first live album and I was really excited while listening to those new versions of the songs: each of them had a freshness and a spontaneity I had not experienced before.

Between February 1973 and October 1977 Queen recorded six show for the English National Radio, My Fairy King belongs to the first session, which took place on February 5th, 1973. 

21 апреля 2016 г.

Kate Funk and AC - performances of a supermodel cat

Since my first purchases on Etsy years ago, I have always dreamed to buy some Kate Funk cards. Why - are you asking? 
Take a look at her histrionic cat called AC (short for Annoying Customer) wearing tailor made costumes!
Kate has an excellent technique and combines imagination and hilarity in elaborate backdrops, while her adorable and very very patient pet delights us with facial expressions that speak for themselves))

12 февраля 2016 г.

11 января 2016 г.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence'

David Bowie passed away and I'll keep his genius in my heart.
I'd like to celebrate all he meant during my youth with this beautiful piece by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Heard the first time while watching Furyo, I instantly fell in love. With the song, with the men, with that atmosphere.
Those were days of hard training, for me too)))

6 января 2016 г.

【Chillout】Arro ft. Frank P. - The Fall (Original Mix)【Free DL】

My dreamy ASMR hours :)

I don't remember if I heard it or red it on a wall or listened to on the radio: someone once said something about what comes of love. I agree with him: what comes of love is always something better.


21 октября 2015 г.

God Is An Astronaut - From Dust To The Beyond

I begin to accelerate, downbeat is loud and resonates in this now burning chest
upbeat is devastating - leaves nothing behind it.
Body finds there is no bone to hold it, melted pith is all it feels.
Those are abstractions  made into intrusive flesh
delayed revaluations in this now spoiled present.

6 октября 2015 г.

Cigarettes After Sex - Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby

Cammino per le vie del centro nella luce del primo pomeriggio e sono distratta. Oggi è sabato, sono in netta controtendenza col mio muso nero tra le facce soddisfatte della gente che  respira l’aria di questo fine settimana, benedetto da promesse di svago e di routine più o meno sovvertite.


4 июня 2015 г.

Headphone Activist - Ocean Floors

What am I listening to with my ears underwater in the bath tub? Sounds coming from vibrations transmitted directly from my house in a sort of monologue. Trampling, thuds, noises produced by collisions are well audible, but not human conversations.

26 апреля 2015 г.

Youth Lagoon - Worms

La  casa si sta riempiendo di animaletti. Un geco spaventato dalla finestrina del bagno, ragnetti che sbucano da dietro i pensili sul muro colorato, sulla moquette della camera (Darik ne sa qualcosa).
E piume ovunque, a proposito del solito coda pelosa che fa il pane sulla mia maglia.
Adoro questi giorni della mia vita.
Primavera Prima-vera.

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